Stand Up for Your Steak

The idea behind Ikinari Steak is to serve super thick high-quality meat quickly and economically; therefore people stand while consuming their steaks. It’s a fun, interactive, communal, and brand new experience for New Yorkers!

Story of Ikinari Steak

Ikinari Steak is a Japan-based standing steak restaurant chain owned by chef and restauranteur Kunio Ichinose. Ikinari Steak opened in Tokyo in December 2013, and now has over 130 locations throughout Japan (as of June 2017).

What Makes Ikinari Steak Unique

Ikinari Steak has three unique features that make Ikinari Steak unique; J-Steak, Japanese Hospitality, and Niku Mileage.


Steaks are cut to order, cooked on an open-fire, and presented sizzling on a cast-iron platter. Guests then drizzle the Japanese soy sauce based signature sauce, J-Sauce, over the meat to heighten the flavor, and enjoy it while still sizzling. This is what is called "J-Steak" (Japanese style steak) introduced to New York by Ikinari Steak.

Order Cuts

Choice of Ribeye, Sirloin, and Filet. Each slice of meat is freshly cut in front of you based on your weight request. You can have your steak as thick as you want. Just tell us how much you'd like to have. We've got your back!

J-Steak Sauce

Our special blend of soy sauce based steak sauce, which is kept hot a thermo bottle to keep its temperature (So that it won’t cool the steak nor plate). Pour the J-Sauce, on the sizzling plate and enjoy the flavor. It is a perfect match for steak and rice. We are sure you will love it!

Fresh-Aging (Wet-Aging)

Our meat is wet-aged for at least 40 days which tenderizes the meat while retaining its moisture. At Ikinari Steak you can enjoy juicy and tender “Fresh-Aged” steak.

How It’s Done (We recommend Rare)

Choice of Rare, Med-Rare, Medium, Well-Done. We strongly recommend Rare because we believe you can enjoy the flavor of fresh meat the fullest.

Additional Flavoring

We provide Garlic Paste, Mustard, Wasabi, and more for additional flavoring for you to add different tastes while you enjoy your steak. Discover your favorite!

Japanese Hospitality

We’re committed to providing our guests with the best experience not only by our steak but also our excellent service. We achieve this goal by infusing the Japanese spirit of hospitality paying close attention to detail and anticipating the needs of our guests.

Welcoming Atmosphere

We make sure that you feel welcome during your stay at Ikinari Steak. Our staff greets you with a hearty “irasshaimase (welcome! in Japanese)” when you enter the restaurant and “Arigatogozaimashita (Thank you very much in Japanese) “ when leaving the restaurant. We do that to express the spirit of Japanese Hospitality.

Ikinari Steak Bib

We provide an Ikinari Steak bib to protect you from splattering steak sauce when its poured on a sizzling platter.

Storage Bin

We have storage bins under the table for your convenience. Please don’t forget to ask our staff to put a cloth on your belongings so that you can keep them clean while enjoying our steak.

SmileView Mask

SmileView masks enable us to improve sanitation and to provide smiles at the same time.

Refresher Spray

We provide clothing refresher spray in case you don’t want your clothes to smell like delicious steak.

Niku-Mileage Card

Niku mileage Card is our member’s card that allows you to keep track of how much steak you’ve eaten. The weight of steak you’ve consumed will accumulate as Niku mileage; and there will be rewards as it grows.


Once you register on our Niku Mileage app, you get a $5 coupon on the month of your birthday. When your membership status gets upgraded, you get a coupon in accordance with the status. (Gold member: $10 off coupon, Platinum member: $30 off coupon)

Status Benefit

Your membership status gets upgraded in accordance to the weight of steak consumed. Free soft drinks for gold members and higher status. Free alcohol for platinum members.


We have a ranking for cumulative weight of steaks consumed and weight of steak consumed in one visit. Let’s compete against people from all around the world!! What is your ranking?

Prepaid Function

Ikinari Steak App lets you conveniently pay for purchases with pre-loaded money (Niku Money). Quick reload through the app with a credit card and get bonuses!

Booming Hit in Japan

187 locations* throughout Japan, including over 60 locations in Tokyo City alone.
200 more locations opening in 2018.

* By the end of 2017.